Human Resources Service (HRS)

Human Resources as a service

TaaS’s Human Resources Service (HRS) is an end to end HR management system, tailored to exceed the requirements of businesses centred in the tech and creative industries.

Taking advantage of the HRS system means you can focus your time on designing, developing and taking to market your digital products and services. From onboarding, and offboarding, to employee policy implementation, reviews, and payroll management – we’ll have you covered.

Safe in the knowledge that your business is fully compliant, protected and doing the right thing by your employees and contractors, you’ll experience an enriched workforce, less hassle, and a bigger opportunity to further grow your business.


Today, whatever your size of business, complying with employee legislation and making sure your team is diligently supported, is more than a job in itself – it can require a dedicated department. And, at the same time, it remains your responsibility, with zero assurances. The buck still stops with you.

When you work with TaaS, we’ll also improve staff retention, allow you to better deal with tough situations, and save you money, time – and a lot of hassle.

Work with TaaS as your human resources partner, and we will ensure:

  • Onboarding & Off-Boarding of Permanent Employees
  • Review, or creation of Employee Policies
  • Review, or creation of Employee Handbook
  • Review, or creation & management of employee processes (including grievance and disciplinary)
  • Payroll Management

To find out more and to talk about what your business needs, contact us today and speak with James Skudder, our founder of the TaaS model.

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